Sunday, August 08, 2004

UKIP's Candidate

A meeting of the Hartlepool Branch of UKIP will be held at The Grand Hotel in Hartlepool on Wednesday 11 August 04 starting at 7pm, to select the party's candidate for the by-election.

At the time of posting two people are being concidered by the local party. Chris Williamson, a local businesswoman, party activist for many years, mother of two as well as a former International Golfer who has been a member of Hartlepool Golf Club all her adult life. Stephen Allinson a former independent councilor has recently indicated that he is willing to be concidered and will shortly be joining the party.

It has been reported today that the high profile media personality Robert Kilroy- Silk MEP will not be standing in Hartlepool for UKIP. Other nominations for the Hartlepool candidates position can perhaps be expected later today.

In the meantime the local committee have been busy this week-end campaigning including a large amount of leafleting the towns housholders.

It is the editors understanding that the local members decision which will be made by private ballot on Wednesday evening will be subject to confirmation by the party's NEC.

On Wednesday 1 September there will be an opportunity to meet the candidate and other senior personalities in the party at an exciting and informative public gathering at the Grand Hotel. The event will commence at 7.30 pm. Details are available by calling 0800 587 6587.

Donations will be gratefully received, cheques should be made payable to 'Campaign Fighting Fund' and sent to Chris Williamson, Election Agent 78 Beechfield Rise, Coxhoe DH6 4SD.

Help us to send Peter Mandelson to Brussels with the clear message from the people of Hartlepool that
we are better off out of the European Union.


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