Sunday, August 01, 2004

Strong Enough and Bright Enough

The Hartlepool Labour Party is hotly debating who of many names (see posting below) will be selected by the local Party membership to defend their 14,571 majority. The candidates all have one thing in common, they are all former something or another.

The Hartlepool Mail yesterday commented (page 6) that suddenly 'people we have never heard of desire to be our MP'. UKIP's Robert Kilroy-Silk is someone that everyone in Hartlepool has indeed heard of and upon his return from Holiday he is expected to confirm his intentions. If Kilroy decides not to stand UKIP will have no trouble in selecting someone to satisfy the local papers insistence of a local person who is 'strong enough and bright enough' to give long term 'passion and committed representation' there are enough of such people in UKIP to choose from. There is no chance that an 'outsider' would to selected by UKIP. The Party has many loyal Party members committed to the principle of leaving the EU.

It is very possible that the people of Hartlepool will return a UKIP MP, that is clear. The candidate has to be not only the best possible candidate but also the best prospective first (and until the General Election probably) the only UKIP Member of Parliament.


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