Monday, August 09, 2004

Robert Kilroy-Silk confirmed early this mornining on the BBC Radio 4 Today program's that he will be campaigning in Hartlepool. The high profile broadcaster and MEP will spend some time in Hartlepool supporting the local branch and the many volunteers from all over the UK who are striving to send a UKIP MP to Westminster.


Mandelson EU Trade Commisioner ?

Peter Mandelson may not spend very much time in his office in Brussels when he is appointed as the UK's Commissioner. Apparently the soon to be ex Hartlepool MP is a front runner for the key post of European Union Trade Commissioner, a role which could elevate his status to that of global power broker within a year.

The Sunday Times reported that the job was offered to Mr Mandelson when he met Jose Barroso, the newly elected Commission President in Lisbon two weeks ago. Diplomats have confirmed that Mandleson is being briefed by the Foreign Office on the details of the role of Trade Commissioner. Should this appointment not come Mandelson's way then, as is the system in the EU Commission, a deal will be struck and he will likely be offered the post of Internal Market Commissioner.

Either way he is likely to spend a lot of time travelling and little time representing the UK in the EU. Is that a good or a bad ?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

UKIP's Candidate

A meeting of the Hartlepool Branch of UKIP will be held at The Grand Hotel in Hartlepool on Wednesday 11 August 04 starting at 7pm, to select the party's candidate for the by-election.

At the time of posting two people are being concidered by the local party. Chris Williamson, a local businesswoman, party activist for many years, mother of two as well as a former International Golfer who has been a member of Hartlepool Golf Club all her adult life. Stephen Allinson a former independent councilor has recently indicated that he is willing to be concidered and will shortly be joining the party.

It has been reported today that the high profile media personality Robert Kilroy- Silk MEP will not be standing in Hartlepool for UKIP. Other nominations for the Hartlepool candidates position can perhaps be expected later today.

In the meantime the local committee have been busy this week-end campaigning including a large amount of leafleting the towns housholders.

It is the editors understanding that the local members decision which will be made by private ballot on Wednesday evening will be subject to confirmation by the party's NEC.

On Wednesday 1 September there will be an opportunity to meet the candidate and other senior personalities in the party at an exciting and informative public gathering at the Grand Hotel. The event will commence at 7.30 pm. Details are available by calling 0800 587 6587.

Donations will be gratefully received, cheques should be made payable to 'Campaign Fighting Fund' and sent to Chris Williamson, Election Agent 78 Beechfield Rise, Coxhoe DH6 4SD.

Help us to send Peter Mandelson to Brussels with the clear message from the people of Hartlepool that
we are better off out of the European Union.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Labour Select Wright

Labour Councillor Iain Wright a newcomer to the political scene has tonight been selected as the Labour Party Candidate for Hartlepool. Councillor Wright won his seat on Hartlepool Borough Council in 2002. He has special responsibility in Hartlepool council's cabinet for performance management, he is a Chartered Accountant who lives in the town.

The freshly selected candidate will be welcomed by Tom Watson MP who has recently arrived in Hartlepool. Mr Watson masterminded Labours wafer-thin-by-election recently in Birmingham and according to local reports he will be deploying extensive resources in the campaign.

Meanwhile this week Labours high command has ordered the handful of local Labour parties who had been planing to select their general election candidates in late autumn to get their skates on and have their candidates in place by the end of September. Perhaps this means that the Sedgfield MP could be planning a general election this autumn. The PM's party conference speech in Bournemouth could be interesting.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

On the subject of Farming
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Monday, August 02, 2004

A Return TO Democracy

The favoured date for the Hartlepool by-election is 7 October.
When the people of Hartlepool select a UKIP MP there will be a clear and obvious route for the restoration of Westminster sovereignty marking a return to democracy for our nation.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Hartlepool Constituency Association

Chairman of the Hartlepool UKIP Eric Willson can be contacted on 01429 264791

Strong Enough and Bright Enough

The Hartlepool Labour Party is hotly debating who of many names (see posting below) will be selected by the local Party membership to defend their 14,571 majority. The candidates all have one thing in common, they are all former something or another.

The Hartlepool Mail yesterday commented (page 6) that suddenly 'people we have never heard of desire to be our MP'. UKIP's Robert Kilroy-Silk is someone that everyone in Hartlepool has indeed heard of and upon his return from Holiday he is expected to confirm his intentions. If Kilroy decides not to stand UKIP will have no trouble in selecting someone to satisfy the local papers insistence of a local person who is 'strong enough and bright enough' to give long term 'passion and committed representation' there are enough of such people in UKIP to choose from. There is no chance that an 'outsider' would to selected by UKIP. The Party has many loyal Party members committed to the principle of leaving the EU.

It is very possible that the people of Hartlepool will return a UKIP MP, that is clear. The candidate has to be not only the best possible candidate but also the best prospective first (and until the General Election probably) the only UKIP Member of Parliament.

'A Rough Diamond'

The Independent today states that former Northern Ireland Office special political adviser to Peter Mandelson, Patrick Diamond aged 29, has been canvassing Hartlepool constituency party members from a phone list not supposedly available elsewhere. This has prompted complaints that a party insider must have supplied Mr Diamond with a list of names and numbers of local party members - information that has not been made available to other would-be Labour candidates.

Clearly some questions are going to have to be answered in Labour party HQ on Monday, and Mr Diamond can expect a rough time.

The Independent also predicts the election could be held as soon as 30th September, but reckons 7th October as most likely.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Lib Dems Announce Their Candidate

Jody Dunn, 34 a local barrister and mother of four was selected on Thursday evening as the Lib Dem Candidate for Hartlepool. Mrs Dunn fended off the challenge of the Liberal Democrat's 2001 General Election candidate Nigel Body to win the party's nomination at a selection meeting last night.

The Labour party will be selecting their candidate on Friday next week, the dead line for nominations will be next Tuesday. According to the report in tonight's Hartlepool Mail six candidates are likely to put their names forward. Councillor Robbie Payne, former Labour Leader in Hartlepool Moss Boddy, Russell Hart who is a former leader, former MEP David Bowe and Downing Street's favourate Patrick Diamond who is a former special advisor to Peter Mandleson.

The Labour Party's choice seems to be which 'former' is the better.