Thursday, July 29, 2004

Labour's New Candidate ?

Speculation continues as to who  will be the Labour contenders to defend  Mr Mandleson's 14,571 majority.
Ray Mallon - Mayor of Middlesbrough and former head of Middlesbrough CID who earned the nick name Robocop yesterday announced that he will not be standing in Hartlepool as a candidate for Labour. He did however declare that he would be fighting the next general election as Labour's candidate in Middlesbrough. This morning it was unclear whether Stuart Bell the current Labour MP was aware of  Mr Mallon's intentions.

There are four possibilities as to who the Labour candidate could be. David Bowe, who was elected Cleveland MEP in 1989 and who lost his Yorkshire/Humber seat in the June Election. Joe Docherty, the chief executive of Teess Valley Regeneration, who has confirmed that a number of ''people have approached him with the idea''. Mandlesons favoured one Patric Diamond who is the Hartlepool MP's researcher. Also Moss body former Labour group leader has  put his name forward.

We will keep you informed.


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