Thursday, July 29, 2004

Gut common-sense

In an interview with the Hartlepool Mail today, Piers Merchant, Chief Executive of UKIP referring to Robert Killroy-Silk  said '' There is still a big question mark over who our candidate will be. We have not ruled him out and he has not ruled himself out'' later adding ''we will definitely be putting a strong candidate forward as we see this as a seat that we can win''.

Clearly Piers is covering all options. Whoever is selected as UKIP's candidate in Hartlepool the campaign by the party will be the biggest ever. David Lott who mastermind UKIP's 12 MEP victory in June said today '' we will be sending Peter Mandleson to the the EU with a message that will haunt him throughout his term as an unelected EU Commisioner''.

Indeed UKIP will be selecting not just a candidate but a MP.

Mr Mandelson stated in the Hartlepool Mail on 23 July  '' and when I am sitting at my desk in Brussels it will be the gut common-sense of the people of Hartlepool that will be my guide and inspiration''.

UKIP intend to ''inspire'' the EU Commissioner into planning the UK's exit from the EU; since electing a UKIP MP  would be the clearest  ''guide'' that the people of Hartlepool can give  Hartlepool's new  representative in Europe.


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